Tots R Hot

Are you looking to spice up your menu with a new potato dish? We’re thinking tots!

Chef Nathan Richard from New Orleans, Louisiana serves Boudin Potato Tots with Smoked Bourbon Mustard at his restaurant, Cavan. Pork shoulder, pork liver and russet Idaho® potatoes are the foundation of this savory dish. The signature mustard dip is made with applewood chips, Creole mustard and bourbon, giving this recipe the perfect amount of kick!

Eric Haney, Executive Chef at Native Sun Natural Foods Market, is also heating things up in his kitchen with Chorizo Stuffed Idaho® Potato Tots with Skordalia. Made with dried chorizo, smoked paprika and Idaho® potatoes, these tots will spice up any menu! However, the key to this dish is the skordalia dipping sauce, which is prepared with a secret ingredient – made-from-scratch aioli. The aioli is made with roasted garlic, fresh garlic, Dijon mustard, egg, lemon juice and olive oil. This signature sauce is then combined with a russet Idaho® potato, roasted red pepper puree and paprika to create a delicious and flavorful skordalia sauce that compliments the chorizo stuffed tots perfectly.   

Want more tot-inspiration? We’ve compiled some of our favorite recipes below.