Peruvian cuisine is hotter than ever in the U.S., and Peruvian-inspired dishes like Idaho Peruvian Potato Cakes are popping up on menus across the country. What many don’t realize is that there is deep connection between Peru and potatoes. The Inca Indians cultivated the very first potato in Peru between 8,000 BC and 5,000 BC. When the Spaniards conquered Peru in 1536 they took the tubers back to Europe with them. Potatoes arrived in Virginia in 1621 and believe it or not, the popular Russet Burbank wasn’t developed until 1872. Today more than 200 potato varieties, like fingerlings, Purple Peruvians, yellows and reds. are grown in Peru (about 30 varieties are grown in Idaho). Below are a few of our favorite recipes that pair classic Peruvian flavors with Idaho potatoes.