Perfect Pairing: Caviar and Roe

There’s just something about caviar. This irresistible delicacy pops off the menu no matter which dish it compliments, especially a potato-centric one. And, when you’ve got a canvas like Idaho potatoes to work with you can let your creative juices run wild.

One of our most popular dishes was created by Chef Dean Fuller at Castle Ranch Steak House in Boise, Idaho. (Did you know Idaho is one of the biggest sturgeon producers in the country?) His Idaho Potato Caviar Tacos are simple and extremely appetizing. Idaho potatoes are sliced (not too thinly), folded into taco shapes and baked until golden brown. The shells are held upright by baked potato wedges with V-cuts that securely hold the shells. The shells are filled with whipped cream cheese then topped with sliced radish, row and a sprig of fresh dill.

Caviar offers a unique way – that’s not too trendy yet – to add elegance and flavor to your potato dishes. Take a look at some of our other favorite dishes pairing two classics – Idaho potatoes and caviar.