Summer Corn and Idaho® Potatoes

Especially during the summer months, you’ll be hard pressed to find a meal that doesn’t include corn or potatoes or both! Even though potatoes are our ultimate favorite veggie, corn is hands down a close second. And, to prove it, we’ve got a collection recipes that include both ingredients and are mouth-watering delicious!!!

For example, Papas en Mole is a vegetable-packed stew that combines the starchiness of the potato with the sweet and smoky spice from the ancho and guajillo chiles, and it’s sprinkled with two cups of sweet corn kernels right off the cob. Be prepared for a delightful mouthful of textures and flavors!

Another favorite and ultimate comfort food is Creamy Corn Mashed Potatoes. Fresh corn from six ears is blending with creamy mashed potatoes made with butter, sour cream and heavy cream. You’ll definitely want to get in your 10,000 steps before you indulge. But, we promise it’s worth it! Enjoy!