Harvest Favorites

This fall, approximately 13 billion pounds of Idaho® potatoes will be harvested in about a six-week period of time. That many taters could fill 500 football stadiums 10 feet high!

Once they’re harvested, the potatoes are stored in climate-controlled cellars that keep them fresh for about a year – until the next harvest. Approximately 62% of the potatoes will be shipped to processing plants where they will be turned into French fries, tots, flakes, chips, etc.; 29% will be shipped fresh and sold in grocery stores and restaurants; and the remaining 9% will be used as seed. You can imagine that when you grow one-third of the nation’s potato crop, it’s big business for the state. The potato industry alone contributes about $4.5 billion to the Idaho’s economy and provides more than 30,000 jobs!

Now let’s get down to real business…eating ‘em!! Below are some of our all-time favorite recipes. Whenever we see them, it means fall is in the air and fresh Idaho® potatoes are abundant!