Uniquely Different

So you think you’ve tried every potato dish imaginable? Well, we’ve got a few that prove just how versatile America’s favorite vegetable really is. Potato Cappuccino with Potato Froth is a creative twist on mashed potatoes. Potatoes, truffles and butter are simmered in a veal stock then pureed, topped with potato froth and dusted with cocoa. If you’re looking to amp up Happy Hour, try Idaho Potato Shooters. Edible shot glasses made from potatoes are filled with infused vodka (preferably made with Idaho potatoes) and served chilled. Potato Beignets are a great addition to any dessert menu. A cup of mashed Yukon Gold potatoes is used to make this deep-fried pastry extra moist on the inside. For other clever ways to serve Idaho potatoes, look no further.