Fall for Fingerlings

Every fall a new crop of Idaho potatoes is harvested. In fact, thirteen billion pounds of the highest quality spuds are sowed from Idaho’s mineral-rich volcanic soil. While a majority of the potatoes are russets, more than 25 other potato varieties are grown in Idaho including the popular fingerlings. These tiny tubers may be even more versatile than russets and have been appearing on menus as a trendy side dish for years.

We’ve compiled a few of our favorite recipes that use fingerlings in some pretty unique ways. For example, Chef Traci O’Grady at Campono in Washington, D.C., often features Confit of Idaho Fingerling Potato Tart on her menu. This extraordinary dish uses four small potato varieties: Purple Peruvians, French Fingerlings, Russian Bananas and Idaho®-grown Ruby Crescents. The boiled potatoes are arranged, along with chanterelle mushrooms, in a small pastry shell then topped with grated Gouda cheese and savory, then baked until bubbly and golden brown. The best part of the dish is that it looks just as good as it tastes!

Please peruse our recipe collection for some inspiration to create your next featured fingerling dish.