Baked Idaho Potatoes Go Upscale & Wow!

Who doesn’t love a piping hot baked potato with a smorgasbord of toppings? Probably not many! However, for those who want take their bakers to the next level we’ve got a few recipes to share. Millionaire's Potato is the perfect name for this dish because it’s rich. It’s rich in flavor, texture and probably calories too, but who’s counting? Fontina and Parmesan cheese, heavy cream and truffle oil are blended together to create a truly impressive twice baked potato.

Chef Lucas Forgy of Block and Larger in Denver uses a baked potato as the bowl for his French Onion Soup that’s plated to look like a baked potato. It’s even topped with a dollop of sour cream!

A few of our other favorite baked potato recipes are found below.