Where's the Meat and Idaho Potatoes?

Believe it or not, that catchphrase was introduced in 1984 by fast food chain, Wendy’s! In Idaho we love our potatoes and our beef, too. In fact, we’ve asked some of our favorite blogger friends to create some recipes that marry our two favorite foods.

Girl Carnivore (love her name!) created a mouth-watering meal perfect for chilly fall days, Idaho Potato Gnocchi with Stout Braised Short Ribs and Irish Cream Sauce. We can’t decide what our favorite part of this feast is…the melt in your mouth short ribs, the delicate but hearty gnocchi or the rich creamy cheese sauce.

Another must try is Cheesy Beef and Idaho Potato Casserole. Thinly sliced Idaho potatoes, ground beef and a creamy smoked Gouda cheese sauce are topped with crispy breadcrumbs to make a an unforgettable one dish meal that you’ll be serving and savoring every week.

Take are look at some of our other favs…