Super foods: Idaho® Potatoes + Quinoa

Quinoa, known as the renowned super-seed of the century, originated from the Andes mountains. Recognized for its high levels of protein and impressive vitamin B, iron, and calcium count, quinoa is the perfect ingredient to pair with Idaho® potatoes for a superfood powered pairing that’s both healthy and delicious.

Lauren Grier, self-pronounced foodie, adventure seeker, and author of the food blog, Climbing Grier Mountain, seamlessly combines these two super ingredients to create, Roasted Idaho® Potato Buddha Bowl. Filled with vegan essentials, such as chickpeas, red onions, fresh kale, Brussels sprouts, quinoa, and Idaho® potatoes and topped with a drizzle of tahini, this dish is filled to the brim with nutrients to help keep you full and focused before your next rigorous workout.

If you’re in the mood for something light and refreshing, make sure to try the Asparagus and Idaho® Potato Quinoa Salad with Orange Parsley Dressing created by Manhattan-based culinary nutritionist and Editor-In-Chief of The Healthy Apple, Amie Valpone. This dish contains a variety of gluten- and dairy-free ingredients including asparagus, almonds, quinoa, red French Idaho® fingerling potatoes, freshly squeezed orange juice, and just a touch of honey.

The versatility of potatoes and quinoa allows for sweet and savory creations that will keep your stomach full and your mind at ease knowing that your body is receiving fundamental vitamins and minerals with every bite!