Idaho® Potato Huevos Rancheros


  • 1 pound Idaho® red potatoes, cleaned and dried
  • 4 tablespoons butter
  • 1 teaspoon Kosher salt
  • ½ teaspoon black pepper
  • ½ teaspoon garlic powder
  • 1 teaspoon smoked paprika
  • 2 cups your favorite salsa
  • 2 teaspoons olive oil
  • 4 eggs
  • 2 jalapenos, sliced
  • handful fresh cilantro, chopped
  • ½ cup sour cream


  1. Place the potatoes in a microwave safe container and microwave for 4-6 minutes, turning halfway through, until they're just slightly softened. Quarter smaller potatoes or slice larger potatoes into eighths. Careful, they might be hot!
  2. Heat a large cast iron skillet over medium heat. Melt the butter in the skillet then place the potatoes cut side down in a single layer on top of the butter. (Note: Depending on the size of your skillet, you may need to do this in two batches. The potatoes won't get crispy if they're piled on top of each other.) Cook the potatoes undisturbed for about 4 minutes then flip, exposing the other cut side to the butter. Season with half of the seasonings and cook another 3-4 minutes or until both sides are evenly browned. Finally, flip the potatoes so the skin side is down. Season with remaining seasonings and cook another 3-4 minutes or until potatoes are crisped and cooked through. Remove from heat.
  3. Meanwhile, heat the salsa in a small sauce pan over low heat. Keep warm.
  4. In another skillet, heat the olive oil over medium heat. Add the eggs and fry to desired doneness. I recommend over easy eggs for huevos rancheros.
  5. To assemble, divide the potatoes evenly among the plates. Top each one with a fried egg, large scoop of salsa, sliced jalapenos, cilantro, and dollop of sour cream. Eat immediately.
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Yield: 4 servings

Courtney Rowland
Food Blogger
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