Taysom Hill is as Versatile as an Idaho® Potato

Who dat? It’s Taysom Hill, the most versatile professional football player in the league. On any given Sunday (or Monday, or Thursday) Taysom could be playing quarterback, fullback, tight end, receiver, kickoff returner or punt blocker…jumping in wherever needed to help his team advance to the playoffs and land a spot in the Big Game on February 7th.
This Idaho native has a lot in common with his home state’s most popular food…you guessed it…the potato, the most versatile vegetable in the produce aisle. On any given day, the potato can be baked, mashed, fried, hashed or scalloped…satisfying every craving as either a side dish or the main meal, especially on February 7th! 
So it’s no coincidence that when Taysom recently answered some mailed-in questions, he couldn’t help but draw parallels to his favorite vegetable.

Letters to Taysom Hill


Letters to Taysom Hill-- Campbell Jude

Letters to Taysom Hill--Frank

Letters to Taysom Hill--Tom