Are You Spud Stumped?

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According to a recent survey (February 2009), potatoes are America's favorite vegetable. With consumers watching both their waistlines and their wallets, potatoes are a nutritious and affordable menu option with limitless possibilities across flavor profiles and day parts.

Whether you have a curious query or are in need of Idaho potato-inspiration, visit to review recent postings by Dr. Potato - the Idaho Potato Commission's own, Don Odiorne. Odiorne is a foodservice veteran with over 20 years in the Idaho potato industry. His foodservice blog tackles tater's tastiest tips as well as techniques for providing palate pleasing and cost-conscious menu items.

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Spud Stumped Chef: What can I do with leftover baked potatoes?

Dr. Potato: Two obvious re-purposing options for leftover baked potatoes are twice stuffed spuds and potato skins...