Louise Mellor

Louise Mellor

Geez Louise!

Louise has a degree in culinary arts and was formally trained in classical French cuisine at the prestigious Le Cordon Bleu. Having worked for top catering and event companies in Los Angeles and Orange County, California, Louise has developed her artistic eye for event design and has mastered a level of attention to detail that is evident in all of her work. As a chef she has refined her style and technique, cooking for some of the most discriminating palates. Chef Louise is a seasoned culinary instructor and demonstrator, whose contagious excitement about retro food & entertaining creates a fun and casual environment for learning.  As an experienced food stylist for television and media, Chef Louise is a perfect fit for working both in front of the camera as the “talent” as well as behind the scenes as a food stylist and culinary consultant.

Chef Louise’s personal brand reaches a broad audience of clients and readers. Louise resides in Southern California with her husband Michael. Together they are raising a family of 4 children with traditional values and a little old-fashioned Geez Louise ! vintage flair.  She is a working mother devoted to good health & fitness; a breast cancer survivor, and is a strong believer in the balance of mind, body, &  spirit.  She supports her local community with efforts to feed the homeless.

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