National BBQ Month

May is National BBQ Month and the official kick off to grilling season! We teamed up with Spiceology to help spice up your outdoor summer cooking this season. Give these flavorful Idaho® potato recipes a try, and follow us on social media for grilling tips, and more! 

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Blackberry Balsamic Jo Jo Potatoes with Goat Cheese

As grilling season ramps up it’s good to have an arsenal of go-to side recipes, including this Blackberry Balsamic Jo Jo Idaho® Potatoes with Goat Cheese. Decadent and rich, but quick to grill up and garnish – these Jo Jos are crispy on the outside yet still soft and flakey on the inside thanks to some time in the fridge to dry out a bit. Crispy/creamy taters, blackberries, balsamic, mint, goat cheese – this side hits just right.
Check out the original recipe on Spiceology HERE!
Grill Braised Potatoes with Bibimbap Glaze
This Gamja Jorim-inspired side dish has loads of layered flavor that the Korean braised potatoes dish is known for. Our Korean BBQ blend packs a punch with flavors of chile flake, soy, sesame, maple, and orange; it gives a perfectly balanced kick of spice, sweetness, savory umami, and a hint of salt – and amps up these potatoes to a ridiculously delicious level.
Check out the original recipe on Spiceology HERE!