2018 Harvest Meeting
The Biggest Industry Event Of The Year
November 14
10:00 am
Meetings for IGSA, United Growers of Idaho, SIPCO, IACI
12:00 pm
Lunch and presentation by IPC President/CEO Frank Muir
1:45 pm
PCN: The Facts and the Future (Dr. Tina Gresham, USDA-APHIS)
2:15 pm
Quality Progress Update: Dr. Michael Thornton and Dr. Nora Olsen
3:15 pm
National updates by Potatoes USA and National Potato Council
4:15 pm
5:00 pm
Dinner Including PAC Auction and Grower of the Year Awards, (Conducted by PGI)

Frank Muir

Idaho Potato Commission

Frank Muir was appointed President and CEO for the Idaho Potato Commission in 2003. Muir is leading Idaho’s effort in expanding its “Famous Potatoes” throughout the world via aggressive marketing strategies including creative advertising, public relations and social media. He is regularly interviewed by the media and has been the potato’s most faithful defender. He received a Master’s Degree, with highest honors in Business Administration from Brigham Young University. His marketing career began at General Mills Inc., Minneapolis, Minnesota, where he successfully managed several consumer products under the Betty Crocker, Nature Valley and Big G cereal brand names. More recently, he was Vice President and General Manager at ConAgra Foods, Irvine, California. He successfully led major turnaround strategies for several national and regional brands and led acquisition teams for several companies and brands.

Frank will speak on the following:

  • New Idaho Branded Lamb Weston Product Line
  • Update on Marketing Programs and TV Advertising
  • Big Idaho Potato Truck Tour
  • Famous Idaho Potato Bowl
  • Social Media
  • Public Relation Events
  • Retail and Foodservice Programs
  • 15 Years Historical Perspective; Next 15 Years Horizon
Blair Richardson Profile Photo

Blair Richardson

Blair Richardson graduated from Texas A&M University in 1989 and moved to California where he spent 24 years involved in California agriculture including cotton, almond and fresh fruit industries. Blair has served on numerous industry boards including the United Fresh Foundation Board, the Produce for Better Health Foundation (PBH), the Produce Marketing Association’s Foundation for Industry Talent, the California Minor Crops Council board, the Coordinating Council for the Stewardship Index, the Alliance for Food and Farming, the Alliance for Potato Research and Education and others.

John Keeling Profile Photo

John Keeling

John Keeling has been the Executive Vice President and CEO of the National Potato Council since 2002. He directs the development and implementation of policy for the only national association of potato growers in the U.S. NPC has been highly successful in representing the diverse interests of U.S. potato producers and influencing policy that directly affects growers’ ability to compete domestically and globally. Recently the NPC was instrumental in reversing the ban on fresh white potatoes in the WIC feeding program. Keeling previously worked for the National Food Processors Association and the American Farm Bureau. Keeling received his MS in Agricultural Economics from Virginia Tech.

Dr. Michael Thornton Profile Photo

Dr. Michael Thornton

Dr. Mike Thornton is a professor of plant science working on potatoes for the University of Idaho at the Parma Research and Extension Center. His research program focuses on sustainable production of new varieties, management of in-season pest problems, and reduction of losses during storage. Mike will speak on ways to reduce bruising during harvest and handling into storage.

Dr. Nora Olsen Profile Photo

Dr. Nora Olsen

Dr. Nora Olsen is a professor of plant science and potato specialist with the University of Idaho at the Kimberly Research and Extension Center. Her research and extension program have focused on potato field and storage management, sprout and disease control, seed physiology and performance, harvest and handling management, and cultivar evaluations. Her presentation will cover practices to minimize quality reductions in storage, packing and delivery to customers.

Dr. Tina Gresham Profile Photo

Dr. Tina Gresham

Tina Gresham is a Supervisory Agriculturist with Plant Protection and Quarantine (PPQ) in southeast Idaho, where she serves as the Pale Cyst Nematode (PCN) Program Director, collaborating with internal and external stakeholders to eradicate the harmful pest of potatoes and other Solanaceous crops. Tina started her career with USDA at the PCN Program in 2006 as a Plant Health Safeguarding Specialist. Prior to coming to PPQ, she earned a B.S. in Biology from California State University, Sacramento and a Ph.D. in Biology from Idaho State University, with emphases in microbiology, phylogenetics, and geochemistry. Her graduate and post-doctoral research focused on utilizing native groundwater bacterial populations as bioremediation tools. Outside of work, Tina enjoys cooking, gardening, and any time spent outdoors camping, hiking, and fishing with her husband and dog. She is a mother of two grown daughters.

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