Drink Up

This month’s unusual and ‘apeeling’ ideas for incorporating Idaho potatoes into your menu sound like they belong on your bar or beverage menu – and some do and some don’t!

Chef Jason Santos of Blue, Inc in Boston, MA offers Potato Cappuccino with Potato Froth. Pureed truffle potatoes cooked in veal stock are served in cappuccino cups, topped with a potato froth and dusted with cocoa. The name of the dish and its presentation are both attention-grabbers!

Idaho Potato Shooters sound like they could be shots, and that’s exactly what they are? Chef Joy Perrine of Equus & Jack’s Lounge in Louisville, KY makes shot glasses out of small (about 1 ½-in diameter) specialty potatoes like All Blues, French Fingerlings and Russian Banana. The potatoes are boiled until tender but firm and trimmed to form shot glasses. You can fill them with your favorite cocktail, preferable ones that use vodka made with Idaho potatoes!