Kevin Gin

Kevin Gin

Executive Chef
Bridges Restaurant
Danville, CA

Residents of Danville welcomed back Kevin Gin to the stoves at Bridges, a sleek, urban-casual restaurant nestled in the East Bay hills, after a five-year hiatus.  In his role of executive chef, he creates imaginative California cuisine with European and Asian influences with the highest quality, fresh ingredients.  Among the seasonal ingredients in spring and summer, diners will find Fresh California Avocados well represented on Chef Gin’s menu in dishes like his classic Chopped Salad, and in flavorful specials such as Dungeness Crab Cakes with Creamy Avocado Relish and Pink Grapefruit Gastrique.

    A graduate of the highly regarded Hotel and Restaurant Management program at City College of San Francisco, Chef Gin enhanced his culinary education and refined his skills with extra-curricular studies of both Japanese and French cuisine. Early in his career, he apprenticed under Executive Chef Otto Sommerhalder at the World Trade Club of San Francisco to hone his classical French cooking techniques. After finishing his apprenticeship, Chef Gin toured Japan.  In the area around Osaka and Kyoto, he studied Kaiseki-style cuisine. Twenty years later, Chef Gin continues to interpret California cuisine with through the prism of these formative European and Asian influences.

 Chef Gin describes his style as a combination of creativity, discipline and structure. “I strive to create a delicate balance between my preferences and those of my guests. I put a lot of thought into the composition of each dish, building on the ingredients, the aroma and the taste. Then I add a creative, visual twist to the presentation I want our customers to take that first bite and enjoy an incredible taste sensation. Then, I can relax and know my kitchen team has achieved its culinary goal.”

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