Charleen Badman

Charleen Badman

FnB Restaurant
Scottsdale, AZ

“In Idaho you’re going to get the best potatoes.”

Big potatoes with all the flavors.

I got into this business because I wanted to buy a car, then I fell in love with cooking. I cook what I want to eat and what interests me. When we opened 12 years ago, the menu went very quickly toward vegetables.

My best friend lives in Idaho so I go there two to three times a year. When I come back, I’m always inspired to put Idaho® potatoes on the menu. I like them on the larger side, having bigger pieces and eating them with a fork and knife. The potatoes are the star just as much as a 10-ounce steak on the plate.

For this recipe, I like Idaho® Huckleberry Gold or Idaho® Yukon Gold potatoes.  I place them cut side down on a baking sheet to get a crispy bottom. It’s nice to have a contrast with the steamy, buttery interior. I also use Kalamata olives which are briny, juicy and salty. Add the Parmesan cheese and you get all the flavors.

Every day in the restaurant business forces me to adjust and get on with the next performance. The goal is to make sure everyone is happy and satisfied. We put out beautiful food and focus on everyone having a great experience. It’s my honor and pleasure to be feeding people.

Charleen Badman earned a James Beard award for Best Chef of the Southwest in 2019. She is known as a “veggie whisperer” for her ability to coax the best flavor out of locally grown vegetables that are prominent on the menu at FnB.