Allen Susser

Corporate Executive Chef
Chef Allen's Consulting
Hollywood, FL In 2000 Allen launched Chef Allen's Consulting a boutique restaurant and hospitality consulting firm - providing strategic initiative, culinary resources, and innovative direction for the industry. Allen has consulted for American Airlines, Kitchen Aid, Fairchild Tropical Gardens, McCormick Spice, Kraft and Sunkist. In 2008 was named consulting chef for Jade Mountain Resort in St Lucia in the West Indies. In 2011 he debuted a new casual direction of comfort food launching Burger Bar by Chef Allen at Fort Lauderdale - Hollywood International Airport. We have helped many restaurants and hotels from behind the scenes and while others principles have established branded relationships. We are currently developing a privately held QSR national brand concept to market as well as re launching a new food menu and beverage program for a local establishment.Chef Allen Susser is one of this countrys leading chefs. His Miami landmark restaurant Chef Allen's was established in 1986 and is recognized as having been one of the finest dining establishments in the USA. Chef Allens owns the word QUALITY. Allen Susser through his restaurant has changed the way South Florida dines with his trend setting approach. In fact as a nationally recognized culinary leader and humanitarian he has had a tremendous effect on how we all eat today. Chef Allens cross - cultural tropical cuisine that started new world cuisine more that 30 years ago has been constantly evolving. Allen Susser leverages his experience and knowledge along with his food business network for imaginative Chef Allen's consulting to cut new ground in cuisine, innovation, service, style and profit for his clients