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Ranger Russet

Ranger Russet


The Ranger Russet is a medium- to late-maturing russet potato jointly released by the USDA and the University of Idaho in 1991. It has high solids and is used mostly for frozen processing and occasionally for fresh pack.


Long and slightly flattened shape with a medium-russet-color skin and white flesh. Eyes are numerous and medium to deep. Produces a consistently long shape and high percentage of U.S. No. 1 potatoes.

Flavor Profile:

Culinary traits: Bakes up dry and fluffy with outstanding potato flavor. Fries crisp and light golden in color.


Grown primarily for the processed market. Because of the high specific gravity (averaging 1.095 in Idaho) and low sugars, this variety processes well for lightly colored fries with good texture.

Shippers For This Variety: