4 Meals, 4 People, 25 Bucks

Between invitations to holiday gatherings and purchasing gifts for friends and family, overspending is all too common in December. However, January is the perfect month to scale back, especially when it comes to meal planning. Blogger Kita Roberts of Girl Carnivore and Pass The Sushi, has created four new recipes to help you get back on track.

Kita remembers,"It’s amazing to me how far my parents could stretch a buck. I can remember my dad working long hours and coming home playing Knex with me and fishing on the weekends. As an adult, I can look back and solidly appreciate just how hard it must have been to keep everything together all of the time. A young father, a little girl, and working incredibly long hours to make it all come together. The thing is, I never knew any different. It amazing me that there was always enough; I never wanted. There was always food in the fridge, and they made sure there was always a hot meal on the table."

"I sat, talking about my roots with the fine people of the Idaho Potato Commission and we all got a little inspired," Kita continues. "What more simple product is there on the shelf, than the potato? The potato is a staple around so many meals and recipes, an overlooked ever present side to menu plans across the country. I was challenged to put it to the test, or rather, my money where my mouth is, and see just how far I could stretch my hard earned dollars. With a goal of $25, I went to the market to create four family meals. The results were delicious and (pretty shockingly) healthy. I made meatless enchiladas, a soup, epic pizza baked potatoes, and a classic sheet pan chicken."

Dive in and see how far a 10 pound bag of potatoes goes and just how delicious it can be!

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