Troy Aikman and Idaho Potato French Fries Star in Wingstop TV Commercial

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Wingstop Restaurants recently launched a television commercial featuring two American icons: former Dallas Cowboy quarterback, Troy Aikman, and Idaho Potatoes.

Wingstop Restaurants are known as "The Wing (and Fries) Experts" and pride themselves on their nine flavors of chicken wings and their fresh-cut, homemade and specially seasoned French fries made of 100% Idaho Potatoes. Founded in 1994, there are close to 550 locations, primarily in Texas and Oklahoma.

Aikman, who is seated at a table during the commercial, describes the French fries served at Wingstop with accompanying video footage that would make any mouth water. Mounds of the famous Idaho russets and crisp, golden French fries being tossed in a secret seasoning are prominently featured while Aikman explains why Wingstop French fries taste so good.

"This commercial is fabulous and truly demonstrates the selling power of Idaho Potatoes," said Don Odiorne, vice president, food service, Idaho Potato Commission. "The Wingstop team asked the Commission to work with them on perfecting a signature French fry. We had potato expert Greg Shannon, a consultant who used to do training seminars for Simplot, visit the chain on multiple occasions and he developed a set of specs for the fryer equipment, the potato variety to use, storage requirements and preparation."

Watch for the new Wingstop TV Commercial in your area or click this link to view online. For Wingstop locations, visit To make your own great tasting homemade Idaho French fries, visit the Idaho Potato Commission's recipe database at .