Denise Austin Shares Her Wisdom Weekly on & Calls on Americans to Return the Favor!

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BOISE, ID, April 20, 2004 - Starting May 1st, Americans can log onto to pick up healthy lifestyle tips from fitness icon and Idaho Potato spokesperson Denise Austin, AND enter a national contest seeking America's own best fitness and nutrition tips.
Austin isn't shy when it comes to offering advice on how to live a healthy lifestyle, but she keeps an open mind and is always on the lookout for information that will help people live healthier lives. The contest, which also kicks off May 1, will serve as an ideal conduit for the public to share their personal knowledge with Austin and, potentially the rest of America, if their tip is selected as winner.
May 1 marks the start of National Fitness Month, sponsored by the President's Council on Physical Fitness. Denise Austin has served on the Council since she was appointed in June 2002, and is launching both initiatives - Denise's Weekly Fitness Tips and the National Tips Contest - in support of the occasion.
Each week, along with featuring a different fitness tip from Austin, a select judges' panel including IPC members and Austin, will pick and post their favorite fitness tip submitted by a consumer on the IPC's website,
A total of thirty-five winners (number of weeks between May 1 and December 31, 2004) will receive a bounty of Denise Austin exercise equipment. The grand prize winner (which will be selected from the pool of 35 winners) will receive a Denise Austin Body Glide Rowing Machine and a $500.00 cash award.
"So many people that I come into contact with have great ideas about all aspects of maintaining a fit lifestyle, this contest is a great way for ‘everyday' people to share their wisdom with others," said Denise Austin. "Who knows? Someone out there may have a great tip that can help hundreds or thousands of people achieve their fitness goals. This contest has huge potential."
Sponsored by the IPC, the contest underscores the Commission's commitment to promoting the healthy properties of Idaho Potatoes and healthy lifestyles in general. Packed with minerals and nutrients, potatoes are an excellent source of energy, which is critical for an active lifestyle.
"I'm very excited about the opportunity to work with Denise to promote well-balanced, healthy living," said Frank Muir, President of the Idaho Potato Commission. "How rewarding it will be if we can offer some tips that may help inspire someone. And I can't wait to see what America has to say!"
Contest Criteria
The contest is easy to enter. All a person has to do is log onto, click on the contest icon and follow the directions. Tips can range from advice on how to stick to an exercise plan to how a person can design a healthy eating plan.
The judges will look for the following:
75 Words or Less: Tips must be clearly communicated in 75 words or less.
Originality/Anticipated Effectiveness: Tips must be original, not likely to be found in books or heard on exercise programs, and the panel must believe can be effective.
Wide Appeal: Tips should work/be easily modified for the very fit and for those individuals who are just embarking on a fitness regimen.
Fun or Interesting Tips: Tips should be fun and/or interesting to help people stick with a healthy lifestyle plan.
Practicality: Tips must be practical; tips should not require a large financial commitment or fancy equipment to be effective.
Contest Timing/Logistics
Tips may be submitted starting May 1, 2004 through December 31, 2004.
You may enter as many times as you like, but you must fill out separate entry forms each time you enter.
There will be 35 weekly winners and one grand prize winner (which will be selected from the 35 weekly winners' "pool" of tips).
Weekly winners will be posted weekly on this website. Grand prize winner (as well as the final weekly winner) will be posted on this website Saturday, January 1, 2005.
Although Idaho is famous worldwide for its premium potatoes, some consumers don't realize that only potatoes grown in the Gem State can wear the "Grown In Idaho" seal. Both Idaho® Potatoes and the "Grown in Idaho®" seal are federally registered Certification Marks that belong to the IPC. These Marks ensure that consumers are purchasing potatoes that have been grown in the state of Idaho.