Perfect Potato Pairings... Fresh Tomatoes

Obviously potatoes are our favorite vegetable, but vine-ripe tomatoes are a close second! With tomatoes in season now, we thought it would be apropos to share our favorite Idaho® potato and tomato dishes. On your breakfast menu, may we suggest you consider Tomato and Onion Hashbrowns. They're unique, versatile and easy to make. Chilled Idaho® Potato and Tomato Soup is a refreshing and elegant addition to your lunch menu. Using leeks and heavy cream, this dish could easily become a permanent offering! For a healthy dinner entrée, the Roasted Yellowtail Snapper with Olives and Fresh Tomatoes is a classic fish special that is low in calories and high in flavor. We invite you to try all of our potato and tomato recipes — may they inspire you to serve these vegetables all year long!