Spiralized Idaho® Potatoes

For Potato Lover's Month 2017, we’re showcasing spiralizing, a preparation method that gives Idaho® Potatoes a whole new look. Spiralizing turns our top quality potatoes into all natural, single-ingredient noodles that are heart-healthy, gluten-free and vegan/vegetarian-friendly, making them an ideal ingredient for signature appetizers, salads and entrees.

Spiralized potatoes can make the dish. Amanda Cohen, whose innovative restaurant, Dirt Candy (New York City) is an incubator for chic and satisfying vegetarian dishes, created a unique Spiral Potato Salad around thin Russet and Yukon Gold potato ribbons that are quickly sautéed and dressed to keep a crisp texture. At Campono (Washington DC), Tracy O’Grady wraps cheesy-potato sticks with thin potato spirals before frying them, doubling the flavor and crunchy appeal of her Spiral Cut Idaho® Potato French Fries.