David Burke

David Burke

Corporate Executive Chef
BLT Prime by David Burke
New York, NY

David continues to re-invent himself with whimsical and esoteric food that guests rave about. One of our favorites is the classic “potato fence” which he demonstrated to CIA students at Hyde Park back in 1992. A highlight for Don Odiorne, the Idaho Potato Commission’s VP of Foodservice, was dining with Food Arts magazine founding editors Michael and Ariane Batterberry when David’s French Fry Crab Cake Charlotte was served at the Park Avenue Café in Manhattan.

While some of the photos may be a little dated, the recipes are still among the best tasting, balanced and unique ways to serve an Idaho russet. Chef David Burke loves Idaho® potatoes and we love the fact that his recipes have appeared in more annual Idaho® Potato Chefs Calendars than any other chef. Bon Appetit!

One of David's favorite quotes is “Give something people can remember. The style in which we cook was Instagramable food before Instagram, not only delicious but memorable.”

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