My Plate

In 2011, the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) launched MyPlate, a simple tool to empower people to help them make the right choices when it comes to deciding what to eat. The Idaho Potato Commission is a strong supporter of this program because it promotes lifelong healthy eating.

Eating healthy is a journey shaped by many factors, including our stage of life, situations, preferences, access to food, culture, traditions, and the personal decisions we make over time. All your food and beverage choices count. MyPlate offers ideas and tips to help you create a healthier eating style that meets your individual needs and improves your health.

  • Find your healthy eating style and maintain it for a lifetime
  • Fill half your plate with fruit and veggies
  • Make sure half your grains are whole grains
  • Move to low-fat or fat-free milk or yogurt
  • Vary your protein routine
  • Make small changes

And, our goal is to encourage more Americans to make potatoes a staple in their diets.  Potatoes are one of the most nutritious and versatile foods available. One potato has only 110 calories and is loaded with important nutrients like potassium, vitamin C, fiber and we can't leave out the complex carbohydrates - they provide the energy our bodies need to power our daily lives and fitness work-outs.

Potatoes are also good for your heart. The American Heart Association certified Idaho® potatoes as a heart-healthy food; they contain no fat, cholesterol or sodium.

One of the best things about potatoes is their versatility.  You can eat them for breakfast, lunch or dinner and prepare them a thousand different ways.  The trick is keeping these spuds healthy when you cook them! Here are a few tips...

  • Top your baked potato with fat-free or low-fat plain yogurt, salsa, cottage cheese, grilled chicken or fresh vegetables - anything and everything goes with potatoes!
  • Use pureed potatoes to thicken stews, soups, and gravies. This adds flavor, nutrients, and texture.

We hope the USDA's MyPlate inspires everyone to make room on their plates for Idaho® potatoes!