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My Yukon Gold Potatoes Taste Earthy


I bought some Yukon gold potatoes this weekend because my mother bought some and mashed them up and she said they tasted earthy. I figured she had purchased a lesser brand or something so I purchased some Yukon gold and made mashed potatoes too. I think they were Sieverson Yukon golds. Anyway when done they looked right but they tasted EARTHY...ish. Why is this happening? They were peeled before I boiled them, so I didn't leave any dirt on them. Do you know why they are tasting earthy?


Yukon Golds usually have a very clean neutral taste. Not sure about your description of “Earthy”, could they have been old or not rotated when on display at the grocery store? Was the label from the store brand? Was it from Idaho? If so, it should have the “Grown in Idaho” seal on the bag.

Here is the list of Idaho shippers that have the Yukon Gold Variety:

And, some of our Idaho growers have also had good success with the Yukon Gem Variety:

Or the Yellow Finn Variety:

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