Spuddy Buddy 9-inch Beanie

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Age knows no boundaries when it comes to the love Spuddy Buddy and these 9″ plush beanies are especially popular. They may just be the perfect Idaho souvenir!

Ready to take your Spuddy Buddy love to the next level? Check out our giant version here.


4 reviews for Spuddy Buddy 9-inch Beanie

  1. Linda

    I received this Spuddy Buddy at a recent blogger conference and loved it so much I had to come buy another one as a gift. So cute!

  2. Don

    I was heading out of the airport in Boise and had to buy these for my kids…they absolutely love them!

  3. Patti knighton

    We have had our Spuddy buddies since 2009! They were the Special Olympic version -SO VERY ADORABLE!!!!!!! I had to go to different booths and and answer questions about different topics, and turn the answers in, before I could adopt the special buddies , waiting in big bags­čĹŹ­čĆ┐. I had seen the Special Olympics buddies, while I was walking around! They were adorable, and I wanted them- one for my fianc├ę- now Husband, one for me! Their blue shirts are iconic! I got two more wearing the classic red shirts in 2010! The buddies have gone with us on our trips- they are like family in a great way!!!!!!!

  4. Sophia

    My dad got two from a guy at work, my kids love them so much the fight over them. Haha

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