Meeting Minutes

December 2022

The Idaho Potato Commission met at the Eagle, ID office, on Monday, December 19, 2022. This meeting was also held by video conference. Bryan Wada, Chairman


Paul Saito
Eric Jemmett
Mark Darrington
Mark Duncanson
Ron Ambrose
Brett Jensen
Daren Bitter
Brian Jones
Jamey Higham, President/CEO
Sam Eaton, VP Legal/Government Affairs
Ross Johnson, VP Retail/International
Alan Kahn, VP Foodservice
Travis Blacker, VP Industry Relations
Grayson Waldie, Accounting/Finance Manager
Dusti Zimmerman, Legal/Finance Assistant
Jamie Bowen, Domestic Marketing Director
Jeweldean Hull, Administrative/Social Media Director

Ben Johnson, Shawn Boyle, Mike Thornton, Brody Miller, Julie Wada, Janet Saito, Laura Martin, John Russell, Brody Miller, Brad Carlson, Andy Snook, Braden Jensen, Danielle Brazille, Jon Steinbrecher, Clint Overby, Jayden Hedlen, Gov. Butch Otter

Sue Kennedy, Jessica Stampe, Dylan Cline, Sandi Nahas, Rick Shawver, Cammron Hammond, Patxi Larrocea Phillips

The meeting convened at 9:33 a.m., with Chairman Wada presiding. He welcomed everyone, introductions were made, and he went over the anti-trust agreement. The 2 Famous Idaho Potato Bowl and ESPN personnel greeted IPC immediately following and discussed the details of bowl game and pre-game activities for the next day.

Commissioner Darrington made a motion to approve the October 19, 2022, minutes. Commissioner Saito seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Mr. Waldie discussed receipts and expenditures for November financials. For the month of November, revenue is at $188k for fresh potatoes, down $109k compared to last year. Processed is at $1.4 mil., down $76k. Total for the month is $1.5 mil., down $185k compared to last year. Expenditures for November are $824k verses a budget of $1.3 mil. Currently the reserve is at $2.5 mil. Mr. Waldie explained the reason for decrease in the income is due to timing of invoicing and getting handlers reports out. Chairman Wada asked for a motion to approve the November financials as presented if there were no further questions.

Commissioner Bitter made a motion to the November financials. Commissioner Jensen seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Wada passed the time over to IPC’s auditor, John Russell from Zwygart John & Associates Certified Public Accountants to review the 2022 audit report. Mr. Russell explained IPC’s audit and summary of the following: end of year and comparisons, understanding the report, foot notes, vacation, pension, and other costs. He reviewed the management and analysis report for IPC. Mr. Russell stated he found no issues with IPC’s financial reporting. He asked if there were any questions when he was finished, there were none.

Commissioner Bitter made a motion to accept the 2022 Audit report as presented. Commissioner Jemmett seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Chairman Wada called upon Mr. Eaton, who presented the following: A) Intro of Andy Snook from AG Office who presented on the Open Meeting Law; B) Proposed Variety Label Rule-Making timeline: issue notice in February, solicit 3 written comments & host meetings March-July, formal Rule-Making Aug-October; C) Workforce Modernization Act: wage rate, year-round H2A employment.

Mr. Higham reported the following: A) IPC Christmas Dinner; B) Idaho Potato Drops; C) Big Idaho Potato Harvest Meeting Recap; D) Spud Kings Dec. 29th, Idaho Falls; F) Consumer/PR by Sue Kennedy; E) Potato Expo; F) E. ID Ag Conference/Potato School January 17-19; G) January 24 Commission Meeting & Legislative Dinner.

Commissioner Wada turned time over to Mr. Johnson who reported on the following: A) State of Retail; B) Stats on Fresh Data; C) Field Guys win on Retail Promotions.

Commissioner Wada turned time over to Mr. Johnson who reported on the following: A) Governor’s Trade Mission: Taiwan & Singapore; B) Latin America Plan.

Commissioner Jensen turned time over to Patxi who reported that they are negotiating contracts for 2023 crop year and currently reviewing data.

Other Items:
PVMI: Jeff Harper is up for 2nd two-year term.

Commissioner Duncanson made a motion to accept the renewal of Jeff Harper 2nd two-year term for PVMI board. Commissioner Saito seconded the motion. The motion carried unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 12:36 p.m.