Bryan Wada, Shipper

Bryan Wada, Shipper

Bryan Wada is proud to be the third generation of family to farm potatoes in southeast Idaho.

As a family of Japanese Americans, the road to Idaho started in 1942 when Bryan’s grandfather, Frank, was given the choice of being sent to an internment camp or leaving their lives in California behind and traveling inland to Idaho. Through hard work, determination, and a belief in the American Dream the family relocated and started farming potatoes in 1943 by sharecropping 100 acres. In 1976, Bryan’s father Albert took over the farm and under his passion and entrepreneurialism grew the business into a vertically integrated operation of nearly 30,000 acres. Bryan joined the business after graduating college in 1996 starting with the fresh packing operation.

Currently, Bryan is CEO over Wada companies. In his role Bryan seeks to maintain the high degree of quality, integrity, and teamwork that has been built by his father and the many valued associates within the company.

Bryan graduated with a degree in Business from Pepperdine University. He has been married to his wife, Julie, for 22 years and they have 3 children – Elizabeth, Andrew, and Jack. “I was never sure I wanted to stay in the country growing up, but now that I am raising a family of my own and am a member of the potato industry, I couldn’t imagine living in any other place or have any other life.”

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