Brian Jones

Brian Jones

Brian Jones has been in the industry for 37 years - 22 years as a Sales Manager and 15 years as a CEO of one of the largest potato packing & shipping facilities in Idaho - Sun Valley Potatoes. While working in Sales, Jones had the opportunity to establish relationships with the largest wholesale distributors in the industry. As a CEO, he is closely involved in the negotiations with the wholesale distributors, processors, and exporters. Sun Valley Potatoes is a grower-owned cooperative, and his other important role is to align the demands of the market with the best interests of the growers. 

Jones has served as a Board member and a Chairman in IGSA and in Idaho and Eastern Oregon Potato Committee. Also, he served in the Executive Committee of the national potato association -Potatoes USA. 

In the Idaho Potato Commission, Jones represents the Shipper aspect of the industry.  For the last 11 years, he has been a member of the Idaho Marketing Committee. Previously, serving on the AG Affairs Committee. 

Jones earned a Bachelor of Science degree -Ag Economics, from the University of Idaho, and was born and raised in Ontario, Oregon. He moved to Idaho to attend the University of Idaho and never left. Together, Candace - Brian's wife of 32 years - have two sons, Justin and Jacob.  Jones enjoys outdoors, fishing, and golf. 

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