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Top 5 Ways to Store Potatoes at Home


I bought three 10 lb bags Idaho® Potatoes at the store and I'm wondering what is the best way to store them to extend their shelf life?


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  1. Keep Idaho® Potatoes Cool but NOT cold!
    Store your Idaho® potatoes between 45-55°F and never, ever put them in the refrigerator. If potatoes are stored below 41°F the starch will convert to sugar, which will cause them to have a slightly sweet taste and will negatively affect cooking performance. If potatoes are stored above 55°F this will cause them to dehydrate quicker (remember potatoes are about 80% water).

  2. Don't Wash Yet
    Store Idaho® potatoes as purchased from the store, without washing yet. It is okay to store the potatoes in their consumer bags, however, they will hold up a little better if you remove them from the bag and place in a well-ventilated basket or bowl, as this will allow the potatoes to ‘breathe’ – ahhh!

  3. Stay Away from the Light!
    Potatoes are a living organism and can reproduce on their own. Light will actually help kick off this process and too much light (sunlight or indoor lights) over time will cause the potato skins to turn a greenish color; and the potato may also begin to sprout from the little ‘eye’ indentations. This is normal but green skins will give the potatoes a bitter flavor. It’s still safe to eat the potatoes, should they green-up or ‘come alive’ (sprout), just peel off and discard any green peels and sprouts and prepare as desired.

  4. Rotate your supply
    FIFO means First in, first out. Place fresher potatoes underneath your storage supply and rotate your older potatoes to the top to ensure you use your older supply before preparing newer potatoes. This will save you money and avoid potential food waste.

  5. Handle with Care
    Potatoes may appear rough and tough. However, they should be treated gently, as rough handling will cause bruising and cracking. Give them a little respect; store in a dry, cool place like a pantry or in a cupboard, rotate and keep protected or covered away from light, and wash just prior to preparation. And always look for the Grown in Idaho® seal!