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Storing Prepared Baked Potatoes For A Large Event


We are doing a large potato bar for 600...after we bake the potatoes (no foil!), we would like to go ahead and fluff them and then wrap with foil. We thought they would be easier/faster to serve if they were already opened when the guest is at the buffet.

Good idea? If so, how long will they keep? We have warmers/holding ovens.


Bake, no foil then either cut thru the finished spuds on the sheet pan or do a double cross with a fork... one long length perforation and two across. Then wrap. Best way is with an oven mitt in one hand to pick the potato off the sheet pan and onto the foil, then wrap with the other hand and place in a steam table insert. When serving, squeeze both ends of the potato and it will fluff up on its own.

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