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Do Some Varieties of Potatoes Have Less Starch Than Others?


Regarding starch in potatoes…do some varieties have less starch than others?


The short answer to this is yes! Idaho russets, for example, have earned their quality reputation based upon their high solids, which is synonymous with starch content. Idaho russet potatoes, for example, average 21% solids to 79% water content and are considered the ‘gold standard’ in the industry. As for colored varieties (reds, long whites, and yellow types), these ‘waxy’ type potatoes tend to have fewer solids/starch content. The good news is that, depending on the end-use, there is a potato variety for every type of preparation and performance. An Idaho red potato, for example, is ideal for skin-on roasted or mashed recipes where the added color is desired, while an Idaho russet (which lends itself well to just about every preparation method) provides an ideal, fluffy interior quality to baked potatoes or to crisp, golden French fries.