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Difference Between Idaho® Potatoes and Sweet Potatoes


Dr. Potato, if you were stuck on a deserted island with only one choice, would you rather have Idaho® potatoes or sweet potatoes?


Ah, the classic image of ‘Ginger or Mary Ann’ comes to mind here. Let’s say Ginger is the sweet potato, orange-hued and all. Sweet potatoes are similarly nutritious and lately, are all the glamour in food trends today. Dr. Potato would never brag, but Americans favor Mary Ann, err,  Idaho® potatoes over sweet potatoes at a rate of 116 lbs. consumed per person, per year (versus sweet potatoes at 4 lbs. per person, per year). That fact alone should tell you something. But beyond this, look at what the humble potato has provided all these years: Heart-healthy nutrition, wholesome, versatility, lots of variety and are oh so yummy!

 Here’s a fact sheet that compares the two side-by-side: