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Are Yukon Gold Potatoes A Large Potato? If So Why Are They So Small In The Store?


In researching Yukon Gold Potatoes it says they are a large potato. If that is correct why are the Idaho Gold Potatoes I find in the grocery store so small and lumpy?


I am guessing that the information you are citing about Yukon Golds being a large variety came from Wikipedia and Google information. The reference to "large" is really acknowledging the growth of this variety and other yellow flesh potatoes in the marketplace.

What you are probably receiving at the store local to your area is a USDA size "B" which is smaller than the size "A". As harvested, each plant has many smaller potatoes than large or medium. In some areas of the country, the medium sizes are in high demand by potato chip manufacturers and the large size yellow potatoes are often used by fast food chains for fresh cut French fries.

As a Commission, we don't sell any potatoes, the shippers do. The end user, the chain or store potato buyer determines what size or grade they buy. The smaller sizes are typically more economical for the buyer to purchase.

Hope this addresses some of the questions about Yukon Gold potatoes.