Dr. Potato tips for mashed potatoes gone wild


I see you work with several food bloggers on creative ways to fix Idaho potatoes. Any suggestions on their best mashed potato recipes?


Idaho Food Bloggers transform mashed potato side dishes into spectacular spuds for the holidays or anytime. Here are some links to our favorite Idaho mashed potatoes:

Truffled Mashed Potatoes with Crispy Mushroom Bits
Pumpkin Dutchess Idaho® Potatoes
Herbed Idaho® Mashed Potatoes
Genius Potato, Turkey and Stuffing Layered Leftovers

And then, Food Bloggers make mashed potatoes gone wild:

Idaho® Mashed Potato Pops
Idaho® Potato Chicken and Pork Filled Papas Rellenas
Idaho® Potato-Asiago Cheese Muffins with Herbes de Provence
Beef Stew with Guinness Extra Stout
Idaho® Purple Peruvian Bonbons