Casuelitas & Carnitas

Casuelitas & Carnitas

Todd Downs
Bon Appetit Management
Ft. Wayne, IN

Yield: 12 servings



  1. Combine the lard, masa, salt and baking powder in a mixer fitted with the paddle attachment.
  2. Slowly add the warm water, mix well until the mixture is smooth
  3. Add the remaining ingredients mix well.
  4. Shape the dough into cups, fry at 375ºF, until crisp.
  5. Serve with either Shredded Pork Carnitas (recipe below) or roasted grilled vegetables with crumbled Mexican Cotija cheese and garnished with chopped cilantro.
  1. Trim pork shoulder, cut into 2" cubes
  2. Combine remaining ingredients - marinate pork (refrigerated) overnight in this mixture.
  3. Next Day
  4. Blot pork off - preheat oven to 300ºF
  5. Roast in a roasting pan with 1 cup of marinade for ½ hour - cover with parchment and then foil, add tomato paste mix well.
  6. Continue cooking 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours until tender
  7. Cool slightly - then shred with 2 forks
  8. When all pork is shredded add juices from pan to shredded pork mix, mix well.
  9. At serving time: lightly brown shredded pork in a little olive oil.
  10. Mix in the BBQ sauce
  11. Season to taste.