Unique Tailgating Ideas


I am looking for something unique to bring to our football tailgating event that might reflect that I am from Idaho. Any suggestions?


We love love love our potatoes and what better way to get other people hooked on something tasty and salty at a tailgating event than these fresh made potato chips. If you have a Mandoline it is ideal to cut the thin slices. A vegetable or meat slicer will work too. One of the most unique versions I have seen done commercially utilizes the Idaho Russet Burbank variety potato but slices them lengthwise. This particular recipe is from a fun NYC BBQ place called Blue Smoke. They can be fixed ahead of time. Add a dip when serving to slow down the consumption to a moderate pace, you’ll find friends inhale these, especially if slightly warmed ahead of time. Great Football season food.

BBQ Potato Chips

BBQ Potato Chips