Skin-On Idaho Potato Recipes


The potato skin is supposed to have more nutrients than the flesh.  Are there any recipes where I currently peel the potatoes where I could skip that step?


Fries with Skin On You bet. One of my favorite potato executions where the skin is left on is from Steak Escape. They bake an Idaho® potato, smash it on a flat-top griddle and add toppings normally reserved for their Philly style steak sandwiches.

Several chains leave all or part of the skin on when they mash their potatoes.  Some are simply called smashed and others called “dirty potatoes” because when blended together you can see bits of the dark brown skin.  Small red potatoes or yellow flesh potatoes can be baked, then flattened with a metal spatula and then drizzled with olive oil for a unique presentation.

Fingerlings offer a fun application. Steam them whole, then roast with olive oil or butter in the oven, then crush before serving. Call them “Smashed Fingers”.

smashedpotatoesHere are some other recipes from the Idaho Potato Commission:

Smashed Idaho® Potatoes (pictured)
Smashed Potatoes with Chorizo
White Cheddar/Chipotle Smashed Potatoes