Q & A: French Fry FAQ’s


I would like to start my own business: fresh cut potatoes and gravy, along with maybe hamburgers or hot dogs.  I need to know the best way to get crispy French fries from fresh cut potatoes.  I need to know the procedure, what is the best type of oil to use, and, in your opinion, what is better to use: regular potatoes or organic potatoes?


For fresh cut fries be sure to check out our page with video with tips on preparation and clever ideas to spice up your fries: All Things French Fried Potatoes

Finding an organic source for year round potatoes is going to be a challenge, do you really want to advertize organic and then have to make a substitution? My recommendation is to use the Idaho Russet Burbank variety.  Here are some other russet options as far as varieties go: Our Most Popular Varieties

As far as the best oils to use, check out the web site www.fitfrying.com.