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Over here at the Idaho Potato Commission we love bringing potatoes to the center plate and highlighting the nutritional benefits of a plant-based diet, which include diabetes prevention, controlling high blood pressure, and improving heart health.

Did you know that the Idaho® potato is jam packed with nutrients? Potatoes are nutrient-dense foods containing tons of vitamins and minerals. Especially Vitamin C, an important nutrient with a long and growing list of benefits including protecting the body from immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease and prenatal problems! Making the Idaho® potato not only delicious but also nutritious!

Bring Idaho® potatoes to the center of the plate with recipes such as our Baked Idaho® Russet Potato with Corn and Black Bean Relish, Moroccan Idaho® Potato Salad, or Savory Breakfast Idaho® Potato Cakes with Pecan Butter. No matter which vegetarian recipe you choose, we guarantee it will be packed with flavor and nutrients!

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