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Over here in Idaho we have perfected the art of creating fluffy mashed potato dishes. Here are some tips we can give you…

  • Be sure to warm up the container you are serving your mashed potatoes in before serving! This will help with keeping your potatoes hot!
  • Add a little “crunch” on top of your mashed potatoes when serving, such as a homemade Idaho® potato chips, thinly sliced fried onions or fried cheese crisps.
  • Mix and match varieties in your homemade mashed potatoes by using the Idaho® russet potato as the base and then incorporating a percentage, say 10-25%, of fingerlings, reds or yellow potatoes with the skins on.

We also like to shake things up when it comes to mashed potatoes by incorporating them into other dishes. For example, a key ingredient in our Idaho® Potato Jelly Doughnuts is mashed potatoes! Who knew!

Check out all of our famous Idaho® mashed potato recipes below.