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Instant Dehydrated

Whether you call them instant, dehydrated, flakes or dry potatoes, be sure you have a box in the cupboard! Potato flakes can be transformed into the simplest mashed potato dish or something as elaborate as homemade gnocchi. Less obvious uses include a thickener for soups and stews, a binder for meatballs and coating/breading for fried chicken and onion rings. Who knew??

A few of our favorite Idaho® potato desserts like Idaho® Potato Beignets, Idaho® Potato Pound Cake and Idaho® Potato Black and White Cookies use dehydrated potatoes. The result is incredibly delicious, soft and chewy treats -- so good you want to go back for seconds… ok, maybe thirds!

Oh...another plus for instant spuds is that they’re economical and can be stored for several months. Make sure you’re they’re at the top of your next grocery list!