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Many bakers use mashed potatoes to make their bread extra moist. But we were wondering why that’s so and if there might be other reasons potatoes are often a ‘secret ingredient.” Cooks Illustrated and Kitchn answered our questions!

  • Less Baking Time: Potatoes are high in potassium (there’s more potassium in a potato than a banana), and the potassium reacts with the yeast making it rise faster than bread that’s make of only wheat.  
  • More Absorbent: Potato starches absorb more water than wheat starches creating a very moist texture.
  • Reduces Gluten: When potatoes are boiled their starch molecules enlarge. As a result it’s hard for the proteins in the flour to form gluten.
  • Fresher Longer: The potato starch molecules prevent the wheat starches from getting stale so bread stays soft longer.

If that doesn’t convince to add potatoes next time you make bread, we don’t know what will! Fortunately we have a collection of bread recipes that are easy to make and absolutely delicious!