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Air Fryer

The newest must-have kitchen-gadget may soon make home fryers a thing of the past. Described as a “convection oven on steroids,” air fryers can make chicken wings juicy, onion rings golden brown and crispy, and French fries perfect.

If you’re wondering how the heck air can fry potatoes, we were wondering the same thing! Many air fryers use a technology called “rapid air technology” that surrounds the food in fast-circulating hot air, much like oil does to fry potatoes.  

The best part is that by using air fryers instead of deep fryers you can reduce the fat and calories of your favorite foods by up to 80% without compromising taste or texture. Now that’s worth checking out!

We asked a few of our trend-setting blogger friends to see if air fryers are really as wonderful as we’ve heard. They’re recipes are featured below. We think they’re pretty outstanding, but maybe you should try them yourself!