’Tis the Season for Idaho® Potatoes: New Holiday How-To Videos and Recipes Featured on IdahoPotato.com


EAGLE, Idaho, November 30, 2012 – It’s no secret that some of the most popular dishes this time of year are the ones made with famous Idaho® potatoes. To help ease meal preparation and alleviate stress, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) has called in a few of the pros and gathered its favorite holiday recipes to create a comprehensive resource center that every aspiring home chef must visit.

Baked Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Baked Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

“In Idaho, potatoes aren’t just a side dish, they’re the centerpiece of the meal. And, we have a sneaking suspicion that many folks around the country feel that same way,” said Frank Muir, President & CEO, IPC. “This holiday season, whether you’re preparing classic mashed potatoes or another family favorite, make sure to look for the well-recognized “Grown in Idaho®” seal when shopping. Idaho® potatoes contain more solids and less water, which make mashed potatoes light and fluffy and your other potato side dishes unforgettable.”

Entertaining How-To Videos
Just in time for the holiday season, food bloggers Sara O’Donnell of Average Betty and Nicole Presley of Presley’s Pantry debuted a new video demonstrating three ways to prepare and enjoy mashed potatoes. Their “Mashed Potato Party!” video peppers in playful banter and stars three different varieties of Idaho® potatoes: Russets, Yukon Golds and Klondike Roses. As Sara says, “Mashed potatoes are the manna that holds holiday meals together!” Sara and Nicole’s video can be viewed at http://www.averagebetty.com/recipes/mashed-potatoes-three-ways/

Watch Average Betty and Presley's Pantry's Mashed Potato Video!Watch Average Betty and Presley's Pantry's Mashed Potato Video!

Baked Mashed Idaho® Potatoes

Watch these videos for even more mashed potato know-how:

How to Make Mashed Potatoes – a classic recipe demonstrated by Geez Louise
Idaho® Mashed Potato Trio – more creative mix-ins for mashed potatoes
Potato 101: Mashed Potatoes – tips for perfecting the technique
Chef Chris Koetke on Creating Signature Mashed Potatoes – make mashed potatoes your own with helpful suggestions from a pro

Abundant Recipe Collection
There’s no shortage of great mashed potato ideas on the IPC’s website. The tried and true Traditional Mashed Idaho® Potatoes is consistently one of the most popular recipes viewed on IdahoPotato.com. If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, use them to create mouthwatering Baked Mashed Idaho® Potatoes, another favorite. Visit the full collection of Idaho® mashed potato recipes at http://www.idahopotato.com/holiday_mashed_potatoes.

Don’t stop after you’ve selected your mashed recipes. From scalloped potatoes to latkes, the IPC has a large collection of festive side dishes that are perfect for holiday entertaining. Find them at http://www.idahopotato.com/holiday_entertaining

Mr. Food’s Holiday Side Dish Guide
Lyonnaise-Potatoes-REWith so many celebrations centered around mealtime, a holiday feast should be delicious and memorable. In tribute to the late Art Ginsburg, the IPC collaborated with the Mr. Food Test Kitchen team to assemble a “Holiday Side Dish Guide” featuring some of the best recipes to include in your festive spread. Lyonnaise Potatoes is a tasty and easy dish that cooks up in a skillet, leaving plenty of room in the oven, while Cheddar Potato Patties are a perfect contribution to a holiday potluck. Mix and match favorites, and be to sure make enough – these irresistible dishes will likely leave friends and family wanting extra helpings.

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About the Idaho Potato Commission
Established in 1937, the Idaho Potato Commission (IPC) is a state agency that is responsible for promoting and protecting the famous “Grown in Idaho®” seal, a federally registered trademark that assures consumers they are purchasing genuine, top-quality Idaho® potatoes. Idaho's ideal growing conditions, including rich, volcanic soil, climate and irrigation, differentiate Idaho® potatoes from potatoes grown in other states.

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