Looking for a latke recipe that's a little untraditional to match this unusual year? Tikka Masala Latkes with Mint Yogurt Sauce infuses classic latkes with aromatic Indian spices, creating forkfuls of skillet-fried potatoes bursting with flavors. This delightful dish is made with Idaho® russet Burbank potatoes, onions, flour, tikka masala spice mix, baking powder and vegetable oil. If the kids are itching for something to do, ask them to help shape the potato mixture into flat discs that are fried three or four at a time until golden brown and cripsy all over. Even the topping for these pancakes is different -- instead of applesauce, we recommend a creamy, fresh mint yogurt sauce. Pro Tip: Squeeze the excess liquid from the grated potatoes to create a crispier latke. 

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Bon appétit...or, as we say in Idaho, Let’s Eat! 

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